Unleashing the Power

of small scale cocoa farmers


Farmers state increased competences


Female coop leader in the region


Cacao accessions being studied and preserved


Rainforest protected


core strategic focus

To achieve deep impact and transformative change in the cocoa farming communities, the Choba Choba Foundation champions an agroecological approach to farming and nature conservation, and creates the enabling environment for cocoa farmers to become empowered entrepreneurs.

Our farmer centric vision ensures that cocoa farmers are always involved in the definition and implementation of our impact projects, tools and monitoring system.

Eric Garnier, President


Get involved!

Are you a professional or a student willing to volunteer in Switzerland or Peru? A private or public organization ready to support our work ? Every act counts. Discover how you can help the Choba Choba Foundation to achieve its mission.

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Our Impact Stories

Back to The Roots

The Beginning of Cacao in the Alto Huayabamba

The Alto Huayababa valley, where the Choba Choba Foundation operates, is nestled between the Andes and the Amazon plains. From mid-1980 to mid-1990 the coca economy was booming in the region...


My name is Charito…

Hello! I am Charito.I was born in the Pachiza district. When I was an eleven-year-old girl, I used to visit my grandparents at the Alto Huayabamba Valley. In the community of Dos de Mayo we grew corn, bananas and cassava ...


Expert interview with Bioversity

Bioversity is part of an international network of research centres specialised in agriculture and development. We study how the agricultural biodiversity of useful plants and trees can help improve the living conditions of small producers ...


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