Our Foundation

Why we exist

95% of the global cocoa output is produced by 5.5 millions smallholder farmers worldwide who earn their living from growing, harvesting and selling their cocoa beans. The vast majority lives in extreme poverty.

Smallholder cocoa farmers worldwide are marginalized and unable to make decisions due to power imbalances in the value chain. They strongly depend on the stock market and the industry – resulting in low and unstable prices.

Their limited access to finance as well as to agroecological knowledge and technologies results in low productivity and environmental damage. Although smallholder cocoa farmers are a fundamental part of the chocolate production, they cannot guarantee a prosperous future for their young generations.

Choba Choba Foundation

Vision & Mission

We envision a chocolate world in which smallholder cocoa producers are self-confident professional entrepreneurs, live a prosperous life in harmony with their environment and are an example for all the smallholder farmers in the world.

The mission of the Choba Choba Foundation is to co-create hands-on solutions for small scale cocoa farmers in the Peruvian Amazon to thrive as professional entrepreneurs and preserve their natural ecosystems.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Eric Garnier

Chairman of the Board

Eric Garnier has over 10 years of experience working hand in hand with small-scale producer organizations worldwide, designing and developing sustainable value chains for agriculture and food products.

Nicolas Porchet

Board Member

Nicolas Porchet is an expert in organizational development, empowerment processes and impact assessment with 12 years of experience in sustainable economic development.

Christoph Inauen

Board Member

Christoph Inauen has a MAS in Development & Cooperation (ETH Zurich) and served for 8 years as a Management Board member at one of the largest Swiss chocolate companies.

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